Rewarding Requests


We have a program called "REWARDING REQUESTS" that allows you to request items and get a chance at getting one for FREE or 50% off! 

1) If you have an item you would like to request, please send it to owner, Kelsey Ness via email at DO NOT post it on the boutique page PLEASE!

2) Please only send ONE request at a time. We want to give everyone a chance at requesting items!

3) If you have requested an item and you don't pay for it when it comes in, you will no longer be able to request items.

4) We will not be able to find all of your requests unfortunately. We wish we could!! You can increase your chances of me finding it by knowing the vendor or style number of the item.

5) Once I find something similar I will send it to you for confirmation before posting. I will then tag you in the PRESALE post when it is posted! If I cannot find your item, I will let you know.

6) If we get 15 or more comments/sales (including yours) on the item requested you will get yours FREE! If we get 3 or less comments/sales, we will not be able to order in the item. If we get 10 or more comments/sales and you haven't quite met the 15 mark - you will still get yours 50% off!!!