Local Pickup

Local Pickup:

You will always receive a 10% discount for choosing local pick up! It’s a win-win! Just be sure to comment “pick up (Madison or Sioux Falls)” when commenting your order. More information below.


If you are local to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and would like to pick up your order, please comment Pickup Sioux Falls. If you place an online order, please email us and let us know that you would like your items to be picked up immediately after placing the order, or include it in the "notes" section during checkout. Once you receive an email that says "your order is fulfilled" your package is in the bin and ready for pick up! PLEASE NOTE - this is not the confirmation email. It is the email that says your order is fulfilled. I will also tag you in the facebook "local pick up" post when your order is ready for pickup. Your package will be in the black bin outside Kelsey's home inside a mailer bag with your name on it. Please only take your package and leave any other packages that do not have your name on them in the bin. If your item does not work for you and you picked it up, you are also welcome to drop it off for a return to avoid return shipping costs! Please note our return timeframe begins as soon as your item is fulfilled. Returns will not be accepted on items that are passed the 14 day timeframe. 

Please note you are on camera!! We do have a security system that watches our front door and if you steal or take someone else's package you will be reported


If you are local to Madison, Minnesota and would like to pick up your order, please know that Tara will contact you when your order is ready for pickup. She will be traveling to Sioux Falls once a month and will pick up all paid items at that time. She will reach out to you via Facebook messenger and you can set up a time to pick up your items. Pick ups will be allowed Monday-Friday unless it is a special circumstance. Please note our return timeframe begins as soon as Tara reaches out to you for pickup. Returns will not be accepted on items that are passed the 14 day timeframe.